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Immigration to Canada and the U.S.

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At the Consulting Offices of Kelly Giles we provide personalized, professional immigration services to all of our clients. Our mission is to provide you with both a personalized, friendly environment and all the professional support you need as you seek to make a new life for yourself either here in America or in Canada.

Canada Immigration Attorney20+ years experience in Immigration Law

Los Angeles Immigration Attorney Kelly Giles recently retired from the practice of U.S. immigration law for more than 20 years. He knows that a strong professional relationship is the first step towards achieving your dreams of either coming to or remaining in either the U.S. or Canada. A relationship built on trust is absolutely essential to any immigration case.


Canada Immigration Services in Los Angeles

Free case evaluations for our prospective Canada Immigration clients

Our firm has extensive experience in representing our clients in various matters of immigration to Canada. As part of our legal services, we offer free evaluations to help our prospective Canadian immigration clients to determine their immigration options.
Interested individuals can contact Kelly Giles for a free evaluation.


Entering Canada with a DUI

If you are interested in seeking assistance in being able to enter Canada having a DUI in the U.S., please contact our office for an appointment, so that we can better determine a realistic time-frame for obtaining the necessary permission for you to be able to travel to Canada without fear of being turned back at the border. Read more...

Entering Canada with a Criminal Record

With many Canadian consulates, including the Los Angeles one, closing their consular services sections to the public due to budget cuts, an increasing number of people with criminal convictions, who might previously have been able to get their Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) or Rehabilitation Applications adjudicated on an expedited basis at the Consulate, may now need to seek to have those applications adjudicated at the border instead. 



Immigration Services for Canada and U.S.

We provide services for all areas of U.S. and Canadian Immigration Law:

Our clients range from high-tech companies in the software and telecommunications sectors, to management consulting firms, and to hotels and resorts seeking seasonal labor.



For more information about all matters concerning Immigration to the U.S.
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