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Entering Canada with a DUI?

DUI offenders will be rejected at the Canadian border!

Having a DUI in the U.S. generally renders U.S. Citizens inadmissible to Canada. Many people are unaware of this, but find out about it when they try to cross the Canadian border.

Enter Canada with DUIDepending on how long ago the end of the sentence for the DUI was, travelers to Canada will need to apply for either a Temporary Residence Permit or file an Application for Rehabilitation, either of which generally takes 6 to 12 months to process.

In addition, depending on a number of different factors, the supporting documents required in support of either of these applications may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to prepare.

However, many people may need to travel to Canada sooner than that. Therefore, it is essential that anyone who has a DUI, who may be considering traveling to Canada either in the very near future, or even within the next 6 to 12 months, obtain a consultation from a licensed professional in order to better determine a realistic time-frame in which it might be possible to obtain the necessary permission to be able to do so.


You don’t need to wait 6-12 months entering Canada after a DUI

Los Angeles U.S. Immigration Consultant, and Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant Kelly Giles knows how to get expedited processing of these applications for those individuals who can document their urgent need to travel, so instead of waiting 6 to 12 months, they can be issued within a matter of weeks.

If you are interested in seeking assistance in being able to enter Canada having a DUI in the U.S., please contact our office for an appointment, so that we can better determine a realistic time-frame for obtaining the necessary permission for you to be able to travel to Canada without fear of being turned back at the border.


Entering Canada with a Criminal Record

With many Canadian consulates, including the Los Angeles one, closing their consular services sections to the public due to budget cuts, an increasing number of people with criminal convictions, who might previously have been able to get their Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) or Rehabilitation Applications adjudicated on an expedited basis at the Consulate, may now need to seek to have those applications adjudicated at the border instead.  Our office has had considerable success getting expedited approval of both TRP's and Rehabilitation Applications at the consulates up until now, and our experience in doing so has prepared us well for assisting applicants in seeking such adjudications at the border under this new policy.  The new policy for such adjudications at the border is summarized here...

If you are interested in seeking assistance in being able to enter Canada having a criminal record, please contact our office for an appointment.